Who me.. Panic?


Dear Screencast 11 – you are a misleading confidence builder.

So my first week of ACLTC is complete! I am only one chapter and 2 screencasts behind… ran into my first program that I just cannot figure out, even with a “hint” from the TA. I can feel the confidence slowly draining from my body as I keep coming back to Screencast 11’s tricky assignment. I have researched and researched but at this point the logic escapes me as to what I am supposed to do with each_with_index method. I am hoping that typing this out helps me come to some epiphany… It’s not like I’m panicking or anything…

worryIt’s not like I’m thinking about all the money I’m investing in this course and the time I’m putting towards learning instead of spending it with my family and friends.. It’s not like I”m worried about all the coworkers and colleagues I’ve told about my endeavors..  It’s not like I need to panic or anything just yet it’s only been 1 full week!!! I am cool as cucumber, totally relaxed, confident in my abilities to eventually get this…

Anyone buying this??

UPDATE: As I was typing this post it occurred to me to do a little extra research on this “each_with_index” method. I discovered this insightful page Ruby Bastards Book that helped me figure out just how to complete my program!



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