What’s my password again?


No, I will NOT create an account… Why? I already have too many passwords. It has come to that point in our technological age where everything you do on the internet asks you to create an account, so of course, they can track you, gather data, save your preferences, notify you or whatever the reason. This makes our experience on a single site highly customizable and generally a positive experience.

What happens though when the year is 2018, and you now have 50+ accounts not to mention work logins that you have to manage? Many devices that you have now locked down with varying degrees of parental settings, so you’re overly curious middle school aged daughter doesn’t get too informed or exposed to things we are NOT READY TO DEAL WITH!

You start to lose it… this happened to me last night logging into my eleven-year-old account on her iPad and just this morning when I was attempting log into my own personal Apple ID for the 100th time but was having a real case of amnesia… This is not, of course, the only time it has happened. I have come to rely on tools to help me out but as I age this is worrisome!


Just how will I know when it’s dementia and not just having too many passwords?

Password Managers

I use LastPass for managing my passwords, it is often a lifesaver. Ideally, with any password manager, you simply create your account with one long, secure master password and let the software do the rest. Of course, the recommendation here is that this MASTER password is super strong. From your desktop/laptop you can use a browser extension to quickly access your stored passwords or even generate super complex ones from the system for protecting those accounts you really don’t want anyone accessing like your bank account. I’m not going to get into the less critical accounts that require super strong and complex passwords for accessing their sites.

There is even an app for this so you can retrieve passwords while using your phone. Handy but if your password is truly robust and you’re within an app it’s not so easy to grab.

Make It Memorable

💁🏾‍♀️ A pro tip is to try using a memorable passphrase when creating passwords. Like lyrics to a song, a quote from a movie or the color of your favorite coffee mug. <=== Right like I’d remember which song I chose, which movie I quoted or which coffee mug I thought about for this particular website, app or device.

Change it often & Do not reuse

OH GOD WHY?!?! Okay, I know why… the best way to not get hacked is to keep them guessing but really?!?! REALLY?!?! This practice typically results in me locking myself out of this particular account and having to reset it basically every time I go to use it. My favorite problem with this practice is when I go to reset my password, and it takes several attempts to create a new one because of wait for it…

I finally remembered my old password when attempting to create a new one but now it’s too late since I asked it to be reset!

As I enter the middle part of my life I do not plan to do less online as technology is a core part of my identity; however, I do wonder how much more frustrating maintaining a secure online presence will be. Ugh, I am not a fan of hackers who target us, regular citizens, just out here trying to automate our lives and keep up with everything going on. Why not take down some malicious governments or turn in pedophiles… do something useful! I guess as time goes on this is only going to get more complicated, but I will continue to share my ‘urbangeekmom’ hacks as I use them in the hopes that someone else will benefit and not be dissuaded from using technology to it’s fullest extent!



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