Thank You


I thought I’d take a moment to say thank you to those who have and continue to provide me with much needed moral support. I have been trying to learn to code for several years now and it has not all been for naught.

I’ve learned quite a bit on my own (if you can really call it that) courtesy of:

I also have had individuals mentor me along the way as much as possible given time constraints and varying schedules. I am very thankful and I think it has provided me with a solid foundation for successfully completing this class… as long as I can make the last payment that’s looming in the horizon to complete this bootcamp! I am super nervous about that.┬áMy husband, my biggest supporter shared the image below with me today:


Not only is it cute but it very accurately depicts my adventures in coding. I just had to share!

Special thanks to my work colleagues who know my every day struggles and rally around me with much needed kind words. I am very grateful.


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