Rails… Oh I got this!


Dear Creator of Rails –

Thank you! Last night I successfully installed and used Rails for the first time and I must say after using MAMP, MY SQL, and WordPress…. this was a breeze! It is very intuitive and has handy shortcuts… who doesn’t love shortcuts to quickly getting a site locally hosted and ready for coding. It is very exciting to watch all these pieces come together.

wolf pack

Next up, JS (JavaScript) which I have not touched in almost 2 years!! It’s so sad how fast time goes – in this industry if you are not coding everyday (with the exclusion of the Sabbath of course) you miss out on so much. Well NO MORE! I am in it! I am loving it and it will take a pack of wild beasts to pull me from it (coding in general).

Yes, only these wild wolves can stop me from coding… and only for a time.

baby ninja
Source: http://jennbrowncollection.com

While I may not be sure I am going to be a master full stack developer I am really gaining confidence that I am going to be a baby ninja at front end development.

See I am a total mom… couldn’t resist having a baby picture!

While I stated previously that front end development almost seems like a stereotypical role for a female in the tech industry, it still provides more coding time and skills that make me more independent. I can keep plugging away at the different programming languages while using those skills. I don’t mind being a baby ninja a front end developing and a junior back end developer. I could live with that. If that’s a compromise I even have to make. At this point I don’t think I do!

Well, I better get to being productive now… again, thank you Rails creators… there are some weird syntax issues we could discuss but I’ll save that for another blog… but really the ‘#’ to separate page controllers and the action?? Really?!?!




85% from completing a “side project” building a nicer website for my church (via WordPress.org) I upgrade my OS to Yosemite. While I usually err on the side of caution with Windows products I put way too much trust in Apple by upgrading so soon. The result is that I could no longer connect to my local servers the only way I know how with MAMP. Apparently this is a know bug but modifying a config file in MAMP resolves this problem as described in stackoverflow. However, that did not fully resolve my issue… it still will not connect to my local wp-admin instance of this website!


I have the files stored locally and I may be able to add them to the same server that I use to host this site… not sure though if that’s a good idea since I’m working to upgrade an existing site with its own domain. I’m sure there’s a lesson in this but right now I’m just adding it to my drama with web development… Can’t wait to figure this one out.

Re-learned some git commands today that will prove very valuable for situations like this I should have been versioning this site from start to finish… but alas LEARNING IS FUN!