Coding Demi-god


Someone in my coding class shared this image with us – which definitely summarizes what it feels like to be a new developer:


Some days you really feel like you are really rocking out! Everything makes sense the code you are writing works on the first try, everything looks good you are just cruising along. Other days… nothing makes sense, you lose the ability to type, you feel like everyone is moving 100 times faster than you, nothing works… and you begin to question how you have made it this far into the bootcamp at all. Sometimes you just start to wonder how you’ve held down gainful employment and are raising a family with the less than average IQ you surely have… you begin to wonder if you should start getting tested for either A) Attention Deficit Disorder B) Early onset Alzheimer’s or C) All of the above. However…. you are still having fun! How is this possible? You are learning to code.

This experience has me wondering if there is anyway I can make a living just learning.. seriously. I almost get choked up at the idea. I love learning new technology and seeing how far I can go with it. This is challenging in ways you could never imagine but so rewarding. My fear is that put into a corporate setting it could suck all the life out of this experience and limit just how much you learn. I don’t have an answer to this and it may sound like wishful thinking but why not? I’ve come this far on a hope and prayer.. why not go all the way?

We are 25% complete with this course and I’ve build a somewhat functional e-commerce site built using┬áRuby on Rails. We’ve covered so much information – even the things I am familiar with HTML, CSS, SQL have been taught at a higher level, integrating into Rails is amazing. We’ve got quite a way to go but I can only imagine what the final results will be. So for today I feel like a coding demi-god with dog-like tendencies. ­čÖé




Rails… Oh I got this!


Dear Creator of Rails –

Thank you! Last night I successfully installed and used Rails for the first time and I must say after using MAMP, MY SQL, and WordPress…. this was a breeze! It is very intuitive and has handy shortcuts… who doesn’t love shortcuts to quickly getting a site locally hosted and ready for coding. It is very exciting to watch all these pieces come together.

wolf pack

Next up, JS (JavaScript) which I have not touched in almost 2 years!! It’s so sad how fast time goes – in this industry if you are not coding everyday (with the exclusion of the Sabbath of course) you miss out on so much. Well NO MORE! I am in it! I am loving it and it will take a pack of wild beasts to pull me from it (coding in general).

Yes, only these wild wolves can stop me from coding… and only for a time.

baby ninja

While I may not be sure I am going to be a master full stack developer I am really gaining confidence that I am going to be a baby ninja at front end development.

See I am a total mom… couldn’t resist having a baby picture!

While I stated previously that front end development almost seems like a stereotypical role for a female in the tech industry, it still provides more coding time and skills that make me more independent. I can keep plugging away at the different programming languages while using those skills. I don’t mind being a baby ninja a front end developing and a junior back end developer. I could live with that. If that’s a compromise I even have to make. At this point I don’t think I do!

Well, I better get to being productive now… again, thank you Rails creators… there are some weird syntax issues we could discuss but I’ll save that for another blog… but really the ‘#’ to separate page controllers and the action?? Really?!?!