My First Commuting Adventure


So yesterday my commute home proved to be a bit challenging. I have been commuting into the city of Chicago for over two years and finally, finally I have a story!

After waiting for over an hour I, along with the other 100+ train passengers, were asked to get off a rush hour train due to mechanical problems only 10 miles from our originating station. So we like a flock of sheep single filed it off our halted train… in the hopes of boarding the coming train.


Unfortunately, of course there’s a catch… the train was too full to hold the additional passengers. Luckily, see there’s always hope… there was another train coming in 5-10 minutes. We just had to wait patiently on the rocks between tracks. After a brief wait the next train rescued us stranded commuters.

Unfortunately, yes another ‘unfortunately’… a freight train derailed and struck a bridge (or at least that’s how I heard it). Here’s the actual news coverage: We were advised to call for a “ride” by the train conductors, so there was a scramble of commuters looking for carpooling buddies and hastily making numerous calls to loved ones for help. This is to date my most adventurous commuting story.

All that being said, I was able to make the most of the hour or so that we were waiting my completing my chapter readings for boot camp! I am very proud of myself for having downloaded the e-book, Learn To Program by Chris Pine, we received with our class to my iPad. Gold star for Kim! This book really is not anywhere as painful to read as I thought it would be. This book is an easy read and has hands on activities (not that I’ve done any just yet)… I am so thankful for that. I absolutely hate dry documentation. Programming is fun and though it can be complex and frustrating well written documentation is rare. Again, very grateful!

Even after having a full work day, followed by a precarious and torturously long commute that ended with me calling my husband and two young children to pick me up way past bedtime. I have found that these challenges really reinforce how much I want this and how much I enjoy being an urban geekmom. I would not trade this for the world. Yes, I’m weird that way.