85% from completing a “side project” building a nicer website for my church (via I upgrade my OS to Yosemite. While I usually err on the side of caution with Windows products I put way too much trust in Apple by upgrading so soon. The result is that I could no longer connect to my local servers the only way I know how with MAMP. Apparently this is a know bug but modifying a config file in MAMP resolves this problem as described in stackoverflow. However, that did not fully resolve my issue… it still will not connect to my local wp-admin instance of this website!


I have the files stored locally and I may be able to add them to the same server that I use to host this site… not sure though if that’s a good idea since I’m working to upgrade an existing site with its own domain. I’m sure there’s a lesson in this but right now I’m just adding it to my drama with web development… Can’t wait to figure this one out.

Re-learned some git commands today that will prove very valuable for situations like this I should have been versioning this site from start to finish… but alas LEARNING IS FUN!


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