I’d rather be coding….


My daily mantra no matter what I’m doing (with the exception of the database report writing I get to do at work – occasionally) is…. “I’d rather be coding.” It’s not just because I keep breaking my code… every time I get one thing working I think, “Hey, let’s make this even better!” Then I start on the inevitable uphill battle that ends with my googling, throwing tantrums, walking off, talking it out, yelling my version of obscenities (not the traditional curse words most Americans use), and finally reaching out to one of the wonderful mentors I now have. Yes, I’m sucking up a bit but I owe them big!

Don't judge... coding can be challenging!
Don’t judge… coding can be challenging!

This is the only way I am ever going to get comfortable growing and learning as a web developer. This is not something you can do part time. We’ve developed programs, APIs and applications that I could never have done on my own. We covered the fundamentals of JavaScript in two days… yes two days though most of us (myself included were familiar with the syntax and logic thanks to our Ruby skills and online training many of us have done on our own). I have been pushing 1/2 complete code and exercise to Github regularly now which is very satisfying since I’ve had my account for over a year. Now, I know how to use version control!

It has been a while since I’ve blogged because we have been learning soooo much our last lesson was finishing up Angular (so technically we dealt with JS for longer than 2 days but still…) My capstone project is still a work in progress but I’d say 80% of the logic is there and I’ve picked a theme. As for front-end I can appreciate the need and sometimes even enjoy making things look just so BUT as the title of this post states…. I’d rather be coding! (Meaning the logic behind it)


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