Debugging is fun


So a very cool feature of MS Visual Studio is the Debugger… being able to step through code and watch it in action is very helpful to a visual learner such as myself.

debugger view
Disclaimer: This is not my actual code – random image off the internet.

Right now I’m working on loops… yes basic loops again in my life. I am trying to be patient as I am sure I have learning gaps that I need to fill but at this point it is review. I have officially written loops as part of learning to code since I was in college in 2009 and the logic is always the same. However, visually stepping through my loops and the watching the variables change value is pretty cool.

Tip: Step through your code using the F10 button while debugging and add a ‘Watch’ to specific variables to watch them change as the code is executed. 😉

I am humble enough to realize that there are loops that get really complicated that would take quite a while to understand but these really are basic… believe it or not I am STILL on Chapter 2… there are a lot of activities and I have been quite distracted with other pursuits like some freelance work but this is soooooo slow!!!


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