Cheating Required?


Week Two – ACLTC bootcamp:

We have written about 30 small Ruby programs! Yes that many!! I never thought that would be possible going part time but I’ve done it. Now, I will say that the last few programs have been quite challenging in that they called for using mathematical formulas mixed with programming logic… quite intimidating! Math is not my strongest skill by far and just seeing this brought up some pretty dark memories like my sophomore year of college when I was trying to learn Q-BASIC… yes Q-BASIC not Visual Basic…
qbasicThis gave me nightmares about programming and made me question my ability to learn to program altogether. However, this was before the wonderful invention of GOOGLE! So now after more than 30-45 minutes trying to figure out a piece of code on my own I start googling. I like to figure things out on my own but I do have a schedule to follow. Although I really really really like figuring things out…

Unfortunately, I find one of two things, either:

  1. Difficult documentation, posts and technical blogs that only confuse me more OR
  2. The complete solution!

While I appreciate the ability to complete my assignments and sometimes it even makes sense after I’ve seen the complete program I don’t gain the confidence or figure things out on my own. Some solutions I know I would never have come to but that only undermines my confidence… I’ve got to find a middle ground. Praying for a middle ground! I feel like a cheater!



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