Chapter 1 of Every Tech Book


head first c sharpA few weeks ago I started Head First C#, 2E: A Learner’s Guide to Real-World Programming with Visual C# and .NET (Head First Guides) (bought right off Amazon used for under $10). Please remember I am a mom and we always boast about deals and steals! I being an urban geek mom am always on the on look out for all things tech at great deals….ALWAYS!!

I digress, so as I begin this book it starts with creating forms using Visual Studio and I have a huge flashback to a college course. I already know how to do this! So as with all tech books you absolutely breeze through the first chapter with confidence. However, at this point in my what is becoming a career of learning but not doing…. I am well aware that the first chapter of every tech book is super duper easy and makes soooo much sense. They set you up every time!

I have now had thdeclineProgressis book for 23 days… not sure what the typical learner’s progress looks like but I am only on Chapter 2 (the end of the chapter but nonetheless… chapter 2). The material is still pretty light and easy but real coding hasn’t even begun. It’s all graphical at this point which I did not expect. Ready to get into some code already!! It gets frustrating always starting over but that seems to be the pattern. Anytime I start making any real progress I either finish knowing just enough to get excited with no opportunities to learn more or I move on to something else due to a need.

My schedule is pretty full but really one chapter?!?! I don’t celebrate Xmas so I can’t even use that as an excuse… though there has been a lot of free food and extra time constraints this month directly related to the world’s observance of the winter solstice that I can blame for my lack of focus.  So blame it on that I shall.

Regardless of the struggles, the distractions, the lack of progress and opportunity… I press on. As if I have a choice… I don’t I really don’t.



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