Nonprofit in Tech – sure why not?


Choosing to work in the nonprofit industry is not a decision I am choosing lightly. It just makes sense… I have always prioritized making a difference, while struggling with the obligations of living in the 21st century. After all I pride myself on being an Urban Geekmom – which comes at a price. Technology is not cheap, which is one of the reasons why so few within certain socioeconomic classifications can merely consume it but lack the resources to truly benefit from the many opportunities within this industry. As I’ve said before technology could be the means by which entire communities and generations of people are allowed to improve their living conditions, income potential, lifestyles, and become more independent. I have a vision. I am fortunate (blessed) enough to work with individuals that are also very passionate about making a difference, changing lives by making careers in tech more accessible and diverse.

We surely can’t be the only ones. There must be others that feel just as passionately. Others, who want to see communities and lives changed by acquiring the skills to work in the tech industry. Next step, find these people and let’s work together to make this dream a reality. So yes, I am going to make a non-profit within the tech industry and we are going to make a difference, change lives and transform this sector. Now I just need to form a board of likeminded leaders out there ready to do this! Easy…. right?

What’s the Obama’s new address?



Ruby Case Statements


As part of my ongoing self learning experience this evening I am experimenting with Ruby ‘case statements’. Not much to say on this as I am trying to grasp the power of this functionality but I wanted to share and publicly thank @skorks for this great post… I don’t know you but you’re awesome!



Image borrowed from: – great source of info on this subject. THANK YOU!

Late night coding… oh wait it’s only 8:41 PM? What a long day! No better way to end it though. TTYL!!


Showtime at ACLTC!


I survived an adrenaline and nerve filled day. The showcase of our capstone projects at Anyone Can Learn to Code. The entire room was quite a buzz the whole 2.5 hours. I received so much positive feedback and interest in my application/site – it was great!

If you have been following along and reading this blog I think you deserve the first look at my screencast promoting my capstone project – ‘Volunteer Management System’…. yes I know, I know I need a snazzy name and I’m working on it. I’m very open to suggestions. So if anyone views this screencast and has some naming ideas please share! I’m very open to suggestions at this point.

I honestly was so focused on the logic and functionality of my site I didn’t even consider the marketability factor which some think is really high… so huzzah! Although I am quite proud of my accomplishment completing this course I am well aware of how much I have to learn. It is my hope that my coding skills will continue to grow and that I am provided with the opportunities to evolve into a capable developer.