As I was struggling through figuring out how to add an element to a hash within an array with 3 other hashes also nested… I had an epiphany. Instead of googling and being provided with a solution I powered through possibilities in IRB. I mean I was really going at it… experimenting around even when there was no logical explanation for why I was trying to do things I knew would not work. Then it happened… I got it! It worked! I was able to add the value though not the correct information into the precious spot in that stubborn hash. It worked!!! A few tweaks and I was able to add it to my complete code and produce actual results. Mind you this was an exercise I tried just less than a week ago and could figure it out.

This my friend is what I kindly refer to as a braingasm. Yes, I said it! Its that light bulb moment you get when soooo frustrated with a problem that you think you may never figure out and then it just CLICKS! The feeling cannot be described with Merriam Webster words nor the urban dictionary. So I’ve created my own word for this… a braingasm! i care not to explain that any further as this is NOT that type of blog.

…that is all 🙂


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