Being a Technologist


I recently read an article that really brought to light a “unique” set of skills in the simplest way. A Technologist is literally defined as one who spread-your-wingsspecializes in technology. In other words someone who has been exposed to and picked up all kinds of RANDOM technical skills that can be applied in a variety of ways. This proves to be a challenge when fitting inside a traditional software environment with pre-defined structure and specialized roles. It is quite easy to be passed over for more technical roles since a Technologist does not specialize nor is the master of any one language or technical skill set. The flip side is that you can be easily marginalized into non technical positions that do not allow for utilizing any of the technical skills and knowledge that a Technologist has acquired. That is exactly my story, the article I read is a high level summary of my entire professional life.

I am not sure who coined the phrase “Technologist” but I embrace it. Having now been put in a position with a fabulous company I get to truly spread my wings and see what I can really do! I now know that there are others like me out there and we are finding a niche within the industry we love so much. Here’s to making tech more inclusive, diverse and 100% AWESOME!



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